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(858) 860-4055 or (858) 467-9026
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday: 8am - 6pm
Welcome to Elmira's Day Care!

Elmira’s daycare has operated since 2002, providing a safe, loving, nurturing environment for kids ages 12months-4 years. Our goal is to provide a home away from home with a nurturing environment comprised of a balanced amount of developmental activities like educational play, music, art and of course socialization and play. In order to fuel the development of our kids, we make home cooked meals that exceed the minimum state nutritional value mandates.

We feel thatour job is complete when our kids want to come to day care in the morning and when they leave day care they are well prepared for the next step.

If you are a parent of one of our kids, you already know what we are all about. If you are thinking of giving us the privilege to take part in your and your child’s life during some of the most critical developmental years, we hope the information on this page provides a good starting point and we get to meet in person soon! Do not hesitate to call and schedule an appointment. Our education curriculum revolves around teaching our kids to be bilingual in both English and Russian and a mix of music, art, social skills and manners. Spesific concepts such as calendar, colors, days of the week, holidays, letter recognition, shapes, seasons and weather are developed throughout the year. In our daily practice, children are able to develop strong language and social skills through play based-learning along with academic lessons. Our year round program is built around changing seasons and monthly themes that makes learning fun and exciting. We are committed to provide a safe, loving environment and establish values, culture and good manner. We aim to deliver consistent peace of mind to parents by providing care that leaves children feeling cherished, loved and confident.